Antigua Catamaran Circumnavigation Tour

Our latest adventures take us on an extraordinary 60 mile Antigua catamaran circumnavigation tour!

Stepping aboard the 62 foot Seabreeze directly from our hotel beach, we take a sun filled six hour cruise around the entire island. 


Because we pick-up additional passengers along the way, we are provided with an opportunity to see some of the more popular hotels and beaches on the island.

Once all the passengers have embarked, we head for the reef for some snorkeling.

Not a fan of snorkeling?  No problem – you can stay on the vessel and take in some well deserved sunrays.

After all the snorkelers had returned to the Seabreeze, the bar was “opened” and we continued on our merry way, passing by magnificent Devil’s bridge.

We were then brought to a secluded beach on Green Island to have a delicious lunch as well as a relaxing swim in the beautiful turquoise waters.  The delicious Caribbean style lunch consisted of lightly breaded fish, BBQ chicken, macaroni pie, rice, rolls and delicious home made hot sauce.

After this relaxing break, we followed the coast until we encountered the beautiful, naturally formed, Pillars of Hercules right before we reached English Harbour.

On clear sunny days, you can see the island of Montserrat just before we arrive at beautiful Jolly beach, ending our tour.

Consequently, should you want to experience the true beauty of the island, I can not recommend enough the Antigua catamaran circumnavigation tour.  You will not regret going aboard one of the Wadadli Cats.

Notable Points of Interest:

  • 1:12 Hawksbill Rock
  • 1:19 Hawksbill Hotel
  • 1:48 Dickenson Bay
  • 1:53 Halcyon Cove by Rex Resorts
  • 2:05 Blue Waters Resort and Spa
  • 3:02 Atlantic Ocean Meets the Caribbean Sea
  • 3:42 Devil’s Bridge
  • 4:01 Green Island
  • 8:00 Pillars of Hercules
  • 8:27 English Harbour
  • 11:00 Darkwood Beach
  • 11:32 Tamarind Hills
  • 11:52 Fryes Beach
  • 12:23 Coco Beach
  • 13:43 Jolly Beach

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