Chutes Jean Larose Waterfalls

The chutes Jean Larose waterfalls are a relatively unknown hidden gem. Located in close proximity to Mont Saint-Anne, some thirty minutes drive from Quebec city.

Accessing The Falls

The best way to get to the falls is to hike the Mestachibo trail. The trail eventually converges with the Chemin des Chutes trail that leads to the foot of the waterfalls.  However, keep in mind that taking this route will take you north of one hour to get to the base of the Jean Larose waterfalls. The beautiful scenery is well worth the 3 kilometer hike.

Consequently, the trail follows the river and provides numerous beautiful vantage points along the way. The hike itself isn’t too difficult if you are in moderately good shape.

The Waterfalls

Our first glance of the Jean Larose waterfalls did not disappoint. We had the entire place to ourselves!

On the day that we were there, we observed a group of people rappelling over the 68 meter waterfalls.

Because it was getting late, instead of back tracking the 3 kilometers on the trail, we chose to climb the decrepit wooden stairway.  One simple glance confirms that this stairway has seen much better days.  We do not recommend venturing on this stairway as there are a number of broken, missing and very precarious stairs.  Alternatively, should you not heed my warning and still opt to climb the stairs, there are a couple of vista points that provide a remarkable panorama of the chutes Jean Larose.

The Cascades

Upstream from the falls, the cascading river has carved the most intricate and beautiful designs into the rock formations. There are a few small basins where you can bathe in the refreshing waters.  With this in mind, do be careful though.  The currents can vary greatly depending on the weather conditions, rendering this part of the river relatively dangerous. On hot summer days, crowds tend to congregate around the cascade as well as at the base of the waterfalls.

Peaceful Setting

To summarize, the chutes Jean Larose offer a great place to hike. All while relaxing in a peaceful setting only a short drive from Quebec city.

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