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Hotel Catarata Rio Celeste in Costa Rica

Hotel Catarata Rio Celeste is a small family run hotel located only a few minutes away from spectacular Rio Celeste.  The hotel borders Tenorio National Park forest in Costa Rica.

Hotel Catarata Rio Celeste is surrounded by dense rainforest teaming with life.

The room

If you can, ask for room #11. A very private and very comfortable room nestled between dense foliage. The wifi service doesn’t quite reach the room but there is decent wifi connection near the restaurant building.

The room is equipped with a private patio complete with hammock overlooking the dense foliage of the forest.  It also has a superb outdoor shower and outdoor hot tub.

We were lucky enough to have some visitors drop in (literally): a group of very inquisitive capuchin monkeys.

Word to the wise!

Make sure to keep your doors locked at all times. Capuchins monkeys are extremely smart and will take advantage of the situation to open your door and grab some loot from your room.

One of the enterprising monkeys actually created a diversion while another one tried to open our glass patio door.  

If you are lucky, you may just spot a rare Tapir on the hotel grounds! Unfortunately for us, we did not see one but we did see many other interesting inhabitants of the rainforest.

Hotel Services

The hotel offers free parking although, depending on your room, it may be somewhat of a walk.  Do not worry though as the hotel employees will gladly assist you in bringing your luggage to your room.

The employees are extremely friendly and accommodating.

All in all, we left very pleased with the services provided by Hotel Catarata Rio Celeste.  We definitely recommend it if you are in the area.

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